Photoshop and Lightroom Demystified For Professional Photographers

Discover how you can harness the power of LightRoom and Photoshop to cut your post-processing time using my simple & effective workflow and...

Turn good images into great images so you get more referrals and more repeat clients

Photo workflows that keep color accurate, and allow you to process images faster and retouch them easier

    Color from Capture to Customer

    Color from Capture to Customer is an Adobe sponsored course that goes throughout all of the technical hurdles that you didn't know that sideline profits and add image processing time to your shoots.

    You will learn about:

    1.) Color management as it applies to digital photography.

    2.) Camera White Balance and what really matters.

    3.) How to shoot to reduce your retouching time and end up with better looking images right out of the camera.

    4.) ICC Profiles and what each kind is used for.

    5.) The best way to go from scene to Raw (yes Raw) file to Adobe Light Room, or Photoshop and out.

    6.) Common retouching tricks for problems that even the best photographers must fix quickly.

    7.) Noise reduction tools, If you need them, you need the best, so we will show the best in class tool for that.

    8,) Image Retouching for normal compositional issues that can take your work to the next level.

    9.) Nikon vs Canon vs Medium Format-  We get rid of the hype and just look at the technical reasons one is better to help you cut throughout the hype.

    10.) Best filters for Noise Reduction and Image enhancement.

    11.) Lightroom vs Photoshop and when to use one over the other.

    This class is just over 6 hours of video. Plus Q&A at key points during the class.  I will go through all of the information above and show how it applies in your workflow.  This is the technology and information that is important for an efficient photo workflow.  No more fitting through classes that don't address common workflow issues.  The images used in this class were collected from the original audience of photographers, so the examples shown are real.  As the end of this seminar you will receive access to the recorded webinar. Cost is $195.000 After signup you will be provided the URL and login to download this video training.

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